Ray Dalio’s Principles–most of us shy away from radical truth and radical transparency, but Dalio talks about the positive impact this approach has had on employees and managers over 30 years building Bridgewater Associates. His firm’s success speaks for itself. This approach isn’t for everyone, but judge for yourself.

Greg McKeown’s Essentialism–great reminder to not only keep it simple, but to eliminate our countless tasks, commitments, and priorities that are “non-essential.” Instead of trying to do many things more efficiently, we learn the value of doing essential things well. The book’s subtitle (“The disciplined pursuit of less”), is more relevant and important today than when Essentialism was published in 2014.

Mike Schultz and John Doerr’s Insight Selling–an excellent perspective and approach for selling professional services, building on and departing from older approaches like Sandler, Challenger, and Solution Selling. Unique because it’s based on Buyer research, this book tells you what winning sellers do differently. One example: winning sellers are three times more likely to bring new ideas to Buyers than second-place finishers.