Top performing sales organization have three things average or struggling sales organization lack: Transparency, Accountability, Trust. This blog focuses on Transparency, the next two will focus on Accountability and Trust.

When assessing struggling sales organizations, the first thing we see is very little (if any) transparency. Sales leaders don’t know what their sales reps are really doing day to day. Sales reps don’t know what sales leaders really expect from them–beyond hitting their sales target.

What’s the fastest path to greater transparency in any sales organization? After some prep work, including communicating the reasons for your decision, begin sharing a sales performance dashboard for all reps comparing individual sales targets to actual sales.

Sharing a sales dashboard across your company will strike a chord and set a different tone. Reps will see where they stand, and how well (or poorly) they’re performing compared to peers. This will motivate nearly all reps to elevate their games. It will also confirm for others what you already know about your small percentage of under-performing reps.

Increasing transparency is the first step in building a high performing sales organization, and regularly sharing a sales dashboard with the team is the fastest way of creating transparency.

Stay tuned for Step 2 in building a high performing sales organization: Accountability. 

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