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We’re successful when you and your team are successful.

We are a group of C-level executives with more than 100 years of top management experience. We understand what it’s like to be sitting in the office after hours, pondering major decisions that will affect you and your company’s destiny.


We’re successful when you and your team are successful.

We are a group of C-level executives with more than 100 years of top management experience. We understand what it’s like to be sitting in the office after hours, pondering major decisions that will affect you and your company’s destiny.



Trust:  is in our DNA and the basis of our success. Trust means establishing psychological safety to say what we believe, and expect the same from others.  When clients Trust us and we them, we know we can do great things together.

Optimism: we believe the future is bright, even if it doesn’t always look that way. Optimism means we’re lifelong learners, exploring new ideas and better ways of doing things. When clients are Optimistic, they envision a better tomorrow and work diligently to achieve this vision.

Simplicity: is often difficult but always rewarded. Simplicity means stripping away complex processes, plans, and ways of communicating to their core intent. Our clients win when their organizations replace complexity and confusion with clarity and transparency.


  • We work primarily with executives leading sales teams of 5 to 50 reps facing flat or declining revenue.
  • We assess your sales strategy, sales org structure, individual reps, incentive comp plans, and sales processes.
  • We create, communicate, and (when needed) implement an 18-month success plan, serving as your ongoing consultant and coach.


  • We get to know you, your style of leadership, management team, and your company’s culture.
  • We provide a well-founded “second opinion” regarding major aspects of your company.
  • We provide strategic planning and guidance on execution to help you achieve your goals more quickly.
  • We are objective and say what we think.




Managing Partner

Frank is an executive leader and consultant with over twenty five years of experience in the healthcare, professional services, telecommunications, investment banking, and nonprofit sectors. As an entrepreneur and teambuilder, he is adept at improving organizational performance through a combination of management consulting, team building, and executive coaching. His work with dozens of clients during his career, including Glaxo Smith Kline, AstraZeneca, Merck Millipore, UnitedHealthcare, MindBody, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, gives Frank a unique and valuable perspective on corporate initiatives tied to strategy, marketing, sales, executive leadership, team building, customer experience, and employee engagement. Frank serves on the boards of several charitable organizations in the Philadelphia region.


Senior Advisor

Dick has served in a variety of finance, strategy and operations roles in the US and internationally over the course of his career. He has deep experience in corporate governance, strategic and financial planning, performance measurement, and restructuring domestic and global financial operations.

From 1981 to 2008, Dick worked at Merck and Company, most recently serving as Senior VP of Finance for a newly formed $20b Global Human Health division. In this role he established a strategic financial framework for accelerating presence in emerging markets and new sales and marketing models to achieve $500m in savings by globalizing key commercial processes. Dick was also VP & Controller for Merck & Co. for more than 7 years.

Beginning in 2010, Dick served as CFO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he was responsible for Finance, Strategy and Information Technology. Key achievements include improving operations by streamlining grants and contract management and closing a $108m Global Health Investment Fund, a pioneer fund targeting charitable and financial returns.
Dick returned to the Philadelphia region after leaving the Gates Foundation and has been active on numerous non-profit boards in Philadelphia and Seattle. He has a Bachelors degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in finance from The Wharton School.


Senior Advisor

Bill Cyphers is a thirty year veteran of Subaru of America (SOA), serving most recently as Senior Vice President, Sales and one of the key executives who helped the Brand’s sales skyrocket in the US market. During the past twenty years Bill has held Vice President positions in Regional Sales, Field Operations, Marketing, Sales, Distributor Relations, and most recently SVP, Sales. As SVP, Sales Bill was responsible for all US field Sales locations, Market Development, Sales Operations, Sales Training, Distribution, and Port Operations.

A company press release announcing Bill’s pending retirement from Subaru explained, “(Bill) assumed the role of senior vice president of sales for SOA in May 2011 and led our sales team through a period of unprecedented record sales growth and business success culminating in a fifth consecutive sales record for the company in 2013.” Subaru vehicle sales in the US market have almost doubled from 266,989 in 2011 to 513,693 in 2014. Bill retired from Subaru in January 2015. Prior to Subaru, Bill worked for Ford Motor Company for ten years in several field sales and marketing roles.

Bill resides with his wife Martha in Haverford, PA, they have two grown children who both live in New York City. He has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and after graduation, served as a US Army Sergeant in an Infantry Company in Viet Nam. Over the years, Bill has also served on several non-profit boards.



Rizwan is a student at Columbia University where he studies electrical engineering and computer science. Prior to joining Columbia, he studied economics at Wesleyan University, and is on track to graduate from both schools in 2018, as part of a dual degree program.

Rizwan has expertise in strategy, business intelligence, and data science, and has previously worked at AT&T and Central Group (Thailand). Rizwan is passionate about public service and is currently an elected member of the Engineering Student Council at Columbia. He is also widely traveled, having been to more than 30 states and 10 countries.