Greetings! I’m launching a weekly web-based “bootcamp” for busy executives on Thursday, June 22nd at 11am EST.

While the “bootcamp” is closed to additional executives, I’m happy to share course content and provide updates on our progress each week. This way you can follow along and learn the same things we’ll be covering during our four sessions.

Here are key excerpts from the Introduction section:

I developed this Bootcamp because it covers the four professional development needs my one-on-one executive coaching clients require most often. Rather than going through my standard start to the executive coaching process by assessing each client’s professional development needs, and then developing a coaching plan based on those needs, I started with the end in mind and worked backwards.

I’ve designed this Bootcamp with these things in mind:

  • Time efficient—each module is structured to ensure you gain and retain key points, combining behavioral theory with weekly exercises and practice.
  • “Cuts to the chase”—each module is boiled down to its essence. We skip over theory where we can, and instead focus on the most important things to remember when changing behaviors.
  • Economical—the rates I charge individual coaching clients are much higher than the cost of this Bootcamp.

I also developed this Bootcamp so I can efficiently and effectively help more executives increase their productivity. This is a personal mission of mine.

Key reminder—while some concepts discussed in this course will appear to be obvious and intuitive, the proof is in the pudding. Success starts with knowledge but ultimately is measured through behavioral change. Understanding what should be done and actually doing it are vastly different.

The real measure of your success is doing things differently, better, and more productively. Behavioral change, as you’ll learn from this course and know from experience, happens immediately and over time. Since old habits can be difficult to break, sustaining your behavioral changes takes diligence and persistence.

Productivity Pyramid

My Productivity Pyramid is based on the four areas of focus. Since I start each coaching engagement assessing each executive’s Emotional Intelligence or “EQ”, this is the base of the pyramid. From there I look at each executive’s Communication Style, so this is one rung up the pyramid. Both of these dimensions are essential in building a Strong and Productive Team, rung #3. At the top of the pyramid is ensuring your teams are Aligned to a Scorecard. In football, basketball, and soccer, it’s easy to see which team is winning. While it’s not as easy to do this in business, too many CEOs shy away from even trying to align their companies to a single or small group of metrics to demonstrate success (or failure).

Each level of the pyramid has an associated coaching module. The four modules in the current course are the most essential and will generate the greatest gains for you in the shortest amount of time.

If you have any questions about this “bootcamp” please contact me at

Stay tuned for next week’s recap of Week 1, Emotional Intelligence.