Coaching Remote Teams

Helping teams thrive in the new normal.


We’ve developed a new 12-month coaching program to help you and your remote teammates thrive.   

How it Works: 

  • Team members complete an assessment to learn their natural workstyle
  • Monthly 30-minute coaching sessions for each team member
  • Periodic 360-feedback from teammates  
  • Quarterly check-ins with executive coach assessing impact
  • Sustainability Plan in final coaching session

Team Size:

We typically work with teams of 5 to 15 members.


$400 per month per team member payable quarterly. No penalty for early termination.

While concepts discussed in this course will appear to be obvious and intuitive, the proof is in the pudding. Success starts with knowledge, but ultimately it’s measured through behavioral change. Understanding what should be done and actually doing it are vastly different.

The measure of your success is doing things differently, better, and more productively. Behavioral change, as you’ll learn from this course, happens immediately and over time. Since old habits can be difficult to break, sustaining your behavioral changes takes diligence and persistence.

Class Size is limited. Each one-hour module includes a manual summarizing key points.


Targeted Coaching for Teams inquiries (via Zoom Web Meeting):

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We start at the bottom of the pyramid and look at each executive’s Emotional Intelligence or “EQ”.  From there we look at their communication style. Both of these dimensions are essential in building strong and productive teams, which is level 3.  At the top of the pyramid is making sure your own team and your managers’ teams are aligned to a scorecard with several key metrics. In football, basketball, and soccer, it’s easy to see which team is winning. While it’s not as easy to do the same thing in business, we believe too many CEOs shy away from aligning their companies to a handful of metrics identifying success.

Each level of the pyramid has an associated coaching module. The four modules in the current course are the most essential and will generate the greatest gains for you in the shortest amount of time.


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