Effective executives know the value of building trust among colleagues, customers, and shareholders. But a recent article in the Wall Street Journal adds a new twist, finding the most trustworthy bosses are, well, humble.

As the article notes, “Humble people tend to be aware of their own weaknesses, eager to improve themselves, appreciative of others’ strengths and focused on goals beyond their own self-interest.”

But is this so surprising? I don’t think so. The best bosses have a backbone, but at their core they are humble.

So, What’s the surest way for you to increase your Humility Quotient (HQ)?

It’s easier than you think: Ask your colleagues for feedback.

Before starting remember context, timing, messaging, and intent are important, so plan accordingly.

The benefits of feedback are long lasting, well established, and (in my view) outweigh any downsides. Many executives I’ve helped with this find overcoming their initial reluctance was the hardest part. And after starting, they agree that it gets easier over time.

Put a feedback plan into action today and track what happens to your HQ.