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Frank’s 10:90 Strategy in Action

In a recent blog post, I shared Frank’s 10:90 Conflict Resolution Rule. This is a rule I encourage leaders to use when resolving work conflicts. It’s easy to understand and follow the 10:90 rule. You spend 10% of your energy and attention on what happened that got you to the problem or disagreement, and 90% on what together you’ll do to fix the problem today and moving forward. The 10/90 approach sometimes delivers fast and dramatic results. Here's [...]

Frank’s 10:90 Rule for Conflict Resolution

Here’s an approach my executive consulting and coaching clients use when a long-standing conflict or disagreement with someone on the team is damaging morale and productivity. They affectionately call it Frank’s 10:90 Rule and here’s how it works: Schedule a “Reconciliation and Moving Forward Meeting” to clear the air and to move forward. Both are important -- hence the title of the meeting – although your primary focus should be on the moving forward part. Spend 10% of your [...]

The Four Keys to Leadership: How Music and Business are Connected

One of my executive clients recently mentioned that he was feeling some anxiety about the big things in front of him. The good news is he recognized that this feeling was normal and knew that some level of anxiety would help him lift his game and prioritize things better. And this is when I (once again) learned something new from one of my coaching clients. In this case, I mentioned the overlap between his previous [...]

Maintaining Well Being During Uncertain Times

I teach an undergraduate course at Drexel University each year called “Happiness 101: Living a Life of Meaning.” Today I was reviewing my course syllabus to see which topics we cover in my course might be worth sharing during a time of unprecedented uncertainty and fear caused by the Coronavirus. My course is primarily based on a book, The How of Happiness, by Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at UC Riverside and authority in [...]

Communicating Effectively in Crisis

By nature we resist change but the Coronavirus is forcing massive changes to our work and personal lives. If you're an executive, here are three suggestions when communicating about the Coronavirus crisis to your employees. 1. Use Multiple Channels In 2013, Yahoo employees received a now infamous memo from the company’s head of HR that Yahoo’s work-from-home policy was ending. Telecommuting arrangements were abolished in order to encourage more face-to-face interactions. The memo caused outrage among [...]