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Essential Sales Toolkit


Building and improving sales organizations is a major focus at Cecond Opinion. We know the value good sales tools provide in building accountability and transparency among sales reps and sales leaders.

Sales organizations often struggle with too many sales reports and data points, rather than too few. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems often add to the confusion, especially now that they have robust and seemingly endless reporting capabilities.

Cecond Opinion’s three sales tools cut through the noise and keep you focused on the few things that matter most in driving sales performance. Built from the needs of Cecond Opinion’s clients, our sales tools are “road tested” and effective.

Now we’re offering templated versions of these tools, which include the Annual Sales Plan, Daily Sales Tracker, and Top 5 Accounts, to executives looking to boost sales team performance.

Once you download these tools, we will schedule time to customize them to the specific size and structure of your sales team(s), as well as to your commission plan.


Annual Sales Plan

The Annual Sales Plan helps you determine yearly company revenue based on individual sales targets of each rep broken into month and quarter. It’s designed to make sales planning easy. Set the annual revenue target and all numbers flow into the appropriate quarter, month, sales team, and sales rep based on the percentages you set.

Rather than put in dollar amounts for each rep and checking totals to make sure they are building the right picture, the ASP lets you input your annual sales target and then simply adjust percentages each quarter by sales rep and team. The ASP also makes it easy to determine expected sales based on average sales per rep and the number of reps on a given team. You can also compare your expected sales with data from the previous year to make sure your assumptions are accurate.

Top 5 Sales Roadmap

The Top 5 Sales Roadmap is simple to develop, easy to use, and effective in tracking the majority of each rep’s revenue each quarter and year. This tool requires reps to “put a stake in the ground” and tell sales leaders when their biggest accounts are going to be closing and what the amounts will be.

In addition, the Top 5 Sales Roadmap has separate sections for current and new accounts. It also provides insight into the depth of each account relationship by identifying the highest contact the rep has at each of these accounts.

These three sales tools are proven to move your sales organization to the next level, regardless of your CRM, compensation plans, or sales training programs.

Sales Tracker

The Sales Tracker is a tool designed to help you keep track of your organization’s sales performance. By entering as little data as possible, the tracker generates detailed reports, summaries, and graphs to provide you with the insight you need.

The Sales Tracker includes a built-in commissions calculator which can be configured using just a handful of parameters to track sales commissions by rep.

Sharing the Sales Tracker regularly within the sales organization and across other departments builds accountability and transparency, often two things lacking in companies with poor performing sales results.


  1. Schedule a 15-minute web meeting to get started.
  2. Download the sales-toolkit using the access link below.
  3. Schedule a 60-minute web meeting with one of our team members to begin customizing your sales tools.
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  • $1,000 down payment to download all three tools from Cecond Opinion’s website. Balance due following completion of Set Up and Customization. This is a one-time fee based on size of sales team.
  • Set Up and Customization includes: 
    • Uploading all sales reps by name, team, quota target to the Sales Tracker; standard commission plan if using existing commission template
    • Creating Annual Sales Plan with ability to modify projections based on Actual vs Projected sales performance by individual sales rep, team, and overall
    • Creating Sales Roadmap with sales reps by name and Top 5 existing and new accounts for the year
    • Internal communication content and positioning for effective launch and adoption
  • Purchase includes periodic consulting, ongoing maintenance, support, and updates
  • Monthly fee paid via credit card based on number of reps on your sales team
  • Cancel at any time after Set Up and Customization
# of Sales Reps Custom Set Up (One Time Fee) Monthly Per Rep
5 to 9  $2,500 $100
10 to 20  $3,500 $90
21 to 50  $4,500 $80